Jul 13th

LED Vs T5 : Which Bulb Is Better?

Here at E-Handsome Advertising light box, we think that LED light bulbs are the perfect long term answer for any lighting related subjects. This assessment stems from rigorous and exhaustive testing done on our end. A side by side comparison of LED lighting systems with fluorescent T5 lighting systems have shown us significant differences in how these two systems line up which we have outlined below:

1) Life Fluorescent light bulbs have a rated life span of upto 10,000 hours while LED lights have a rated life span of upto 50,000 hours. Even at the end of its lifespan, LED light bulbs still run at 50% of its capacity. To keep up with LED bulbs, the fluorescent light bulbs would have to be replaced approximately 5 times

High Efficiency: not affected by shape and size

2) Heat Transfer Fluorescent light bulbs use heat to generate light while LED bulbs use energy to generate light. We see this time upon time with respect to our light box where the T5 light boxes have a tendency to get hotter on touch compared against our LED light box which maintain a halfhearted temperature all though operation.

3) Eco Friendly Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury and glass which are damaging for the environment. LED bulbs from an alternative perspective include no harmful chemicals. They also do not send out any UV light which is common in fluorescent lightbulbs.

4) Versatility Fluorescent lightbulbs generally produce a cold blue or white light. LED bulbs are way more adaptable and can be gotten in a large range of colours and are excellent to be used in any lighting environment.

5) Energy Function LED bulbs are more energy-efficient compared to fluorescent bulbs. This results in lower energy costs for the final user. While fluorescent lightbulbs are a cheaper up front alternative, LED bulbs provide significant long-term cost saving benefits.

From above content, you should undertand LED and T5 which bulb is better, so please go to our light box website to order more led products

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