Jul 3rd

The Advantages Of Light Boxes For Advertisement

Why use lightboxes, Lightboxes are widely recognised as among the best Advertisement mediums available. Promotional posters and company signage which utilizes the blend of illumination and color are far more likely to catch a potential customer’s eye than a non-illuminated poster or sign would do.

How does one know light boxes are so effective,Market research has shown that illuminated advertisement attracts a far higher customer footfall, enables quicker customer processing and offers a significant raise sales matched against non-illuminated advertising. These are some examples:

i) Fortis bank had a financial product they needed to promote, they employed two-sided lightboxes in some of their branch windows to illuminate the promotional poster and non-illuminated poster frames in the others. Their market analysis highlighted that the banks with backlit illuminated poster displays had an increase of over 30% sales of the publicized product in comparison to banks with exactly the same advert but displaying non-illuminated posters.

ii) Boots reduced the time that buyers spent at their digital photograph counters by 3-4 times, by replacing their non-illuminated menu signage displaying services and costs with bespoke illuminated menu light box displays.

iii) Bacardi market research has demonstrated that the bulk of folk in a club environment were not certain of what they were going to order when going to the bar. When their promotion was illuminated the boost in sales of the express promoted drink increased by over 100%

Where are lightboxes used most effectively, Lightboxes are proved to be intensely profitable advertising tool for assorted illuminated display and sign applications including: retail point of sale displays; corporate signs for business premises; outside advertising; aeroport signage and displays for Tax Free and lounges; railway station notice boards and time tables; nightclub, pub and bar promotions; cafe menu boards and signage; showroom information and promotional displays; and exhibitions or trade shows.

Illuminated window displays are a great way maximize your visibility and double sided light boxes in a store window publicizes to both customers within the and outside the store. Freestanding illuminated displays are the perfect way to bring your promotional message closer to the shopper so work very well in larger areas such as showrooms and department shops.

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