May 14th

Chicago Trade Shows & Conventions are great sources to meet industry leaders & build relationships

Trade shows can be considered problem solvers. We go to trade shows as attendee’s to learn what is new and hot in the market. On a daily basis we are looking for solutions to make our everyday lives easier and more productive. Trade shows can open up the doors to finding these solutions. Every exhibitor takes a lot of time in the development of their Trade show exhibits and reaching their marketing goals.

Finding the right solution for your business at trade shows can be successful or it can be a lot of wasted time if you do not plan out your strategies well. Many companies are cutting back on who they send to trade shows and how many people they are sending.

Trade show exhibits are becoming more interactive and exhibitors are offering more training and more customized presentations to their prospects. Familiarize yourself with the convention center and find out more about the exhibitors before the show takes place and you will get to see all the exhibitors on your hit list and see all the new products and solutions.

When it comes to finding your way through all those Trade show exhibits, you need to start with a plan. Most trade shows offer you an online layout or map of the exhibitors. This is an exhibitor list, you can sort through extended information on each exhibitor. Planning your day is quite easy now with all the detailed information available online, booth numbers, speaker schedules, event schedules and product information.

Wearing comfortable shoes is first and foremost, if your dog’s hurt, you are not going to be able to concentrate and you will not get the most out of the trade show. Standing through those trade show booth presentations can be very educational, and you won’t be able to remember anything if you are not comfortable.

Plan on eating a larger breakfast than you normally would, or plan on eating lunch very early or late. Bring a small bag stashed with some munchies, fruit snacks, breakfast bars or a bag of candy. The lines at lunch time in convention centers are long and there is always a mad rush to Mickey D’s or the closest restaurant to the trade show floor.

Do not be afraid to interact and ask questions of the trade show booth staff, it will give you a feel of their knowledge and their customer service and will help in your decision making process when it comes to developing a business relationship. Many attendees are intimidated when they approach a trade show display and the staffers are all huddled together. Remember you are the customer and you should be attended to, so fire up those questions and give those exhibitors an opportunity to make your life easier
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