Aug 11th

Keeping Track of Your Trade Shows with Online Event Management

Many companies are drastically reducing their marketing staff. Is your trade show budget a concern? Are you confused by all the trade show paperwork? Online Event Management can greatly improve the outcome of your trade shows, with the ability to track and report at your fingertips. With access from anywhere in the world trade show management software can be a virtual filing cabinet for all your trade show needs.

If your boss asked you some of these questions, would you have an answer? Would you be able to produce comprehensive reports quickly?

* Show me our trade show ROI?
* What Trade Shows are performing best?
* How can we reduce costs with trade shows?
* Can I see our trade show budgets?

Marketing managers & event coordinators are having to juggle more responsibilities due to recent cut backs and support staff being reduced.

With the assistance of a trade show management software and a knowledgeable partner and staff that will help eliminate any confusion when it comes to your trade show program.

Budgeting your items and tracking your leads will help you develop a more solid foundation for trade show planning. Giving you more knowledge and a better understanding of the trade shows that are producing results. You may be surprised at the results and draw different conclusions than you anticipated.

With a strong focus on where your money is best being spent, you can lead your marketing team with solid strategies.

If you are not utilizing tools that calculate marketing ROI, budgeting and lead generation, can you accurately rate the effectiveness of your trade show? With trade show management software, you will no longer have to struggle with preparation of reports for analysis.

Many exhibitors are not aware that Over 80% of trade show attendee’s polled said they have never been contacted after the show ends?

Strike when the iron is hot.

These leads can be easily imported into online trade show software and followed up on while the lead is fresh. Why let your leads go dead? Isn’t this why you are exhibiting in the first place?
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