Jul 26th

Make Money With PLR e-Books

Most successful internet marketers will tell you that you need your own products to really achieve success as an online marketer. However, in the beginning, most of us do not have any idea how to create a product that will become a best seller. While I agree that creating your own product will lead to greater success, you may need to look for other ways to make money while working on your creation. One good source to get started with is PLR e-books.


Private label right products, including e-books, are usually sold at very reasonable prices. What that price grants you is the right to re-brand and resell the book using your own name as the author.


How do you get started? The first step is to find a private label rights product to buy. They are many sources online. By simply doing a Google search on “plr ebooks” you will bring up thousands of pages advertising plr e-books to choose from. If you want to narrow you selection to a particular subject or niche, just include that keyword in your search. For example, “health plr ebooks” will return a long list of e-books about the health niche. One source I used to help flush out my website on dogs was Dog Article Super Package. You will quickly find it is very easy to find plr products to sell.


With that said, proceed with caution. PLR products are sold at affordable prices because they are sold to a number of individuals. You may not to buy the rights to an e-book that 2,000 other people just bought and are also trying to sell. Do not just look for a good private label e-book with an affordable selling price, but also look for an offer that restricts sales to a limited number of buyers.


To have a better chance of buying e-books that will actually sell, focus on two types of subjects: 1. things people do all the time, and 2. hot topics. For example, right now, the economy is in trouble. People are looking for ways to make extra money and others are looking for moneysaving tips. These are hot topics. As for things people always want or need to do, there is computer troubleshooting, health, and pet related subjects. You may want to concentrate on PLR in these areas to find e-books that will easily sell.


Choose a good topic. Checkout NakedPLR.com for a great way to get 5 new PLR books each month on current topices that you can rebrand and sell. When buying plr products, read all rules and restrictions. Not all of them come with the same rights. If you buy an e-book to resell, the seller may not want you to change the authors name or  make any changes. Or,  you may be required to make changes before you sell. Know about any rules and restrictions before you buy!


You want the e-books that give you the most rights. To make the most money with private label articles, you need to be able to make changes so the product is unique to you. Luckily, making changes is not difficult. You do not need to rewrite the entire e-book, but you should make substantial changes. Reword sentences, rearrange paragraphs, and so forth. You can now market your rewritten and re-branded e-book as a new one. It is no longer the same as the thousands of other copies cluttering up the internet.


After rewriting your e-book, add your name as the author. Most quality PLR resellers allow or even require you to do this. Do not try to sell an e-book without an author’s name. It just looks suspicious to buyers. Next, set your price and do so wisely.

Pricing products online is tricky. E-books have increased in popularity, and they are easy to find. Although your “Working From Home” e-book  may be distinctive and better than another selling for $10 less, people are instinctively going to focus on the cheaper book. Examine the competition before pricing your re-branded e-book. Then, consider the information covered, the depth you go into, and the length. Prices are adjustable but starting with the “right” price will likely bring faster sales. If your e-book is selling fast, you may want to increase the price. If it has few sales, you may need to lower the price or offer a special sale.


Next, you must decide how you want to sell your e-book. For largest profits, you can create your own sales page. If you are selling one e-book, your sales page should include the title of your book. Highlight a few points covered in your e-book, quote a few excerpts, and list the price. Also include graphics.


Another alternative to your own site is to rely on a third-party website such as Lulu.com. These websites will take a percentage of each sale which cut into your profits but you can usually join free and you avoid having to get your own hosting account.


Regardless of your selling method, you will have to market your e-books. Make yours stand apart from the rest. A good cover, good content, and good price will help, but don’t rely on these alone. Market your sales pages with online message boards and article directories or create an affiliate program. Increase your profits by generating interest about your e-book. Don’t wait for buyers to come to you; go get them!

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