May 11th

Good Audio Books Reviewed

It was in the 80s when folk started realizing that since music and other forms of audio sound is making a killing in the recording industry, it may also be lucrative to convert written materials into audio files which can help not only those that are visually impaired but also the various who don’t have the advantage of time reading literature.

There is a great market for audio books aside from colleges and public libraries which have had what was called before as spoken audio long before the small cassette tape was invented. People who are busy at work and cannot spare the time to sit around and luxuriate in a book, and those that are always traveling and get dizzy while reading in motion are the best potential customers for audio books.

Once the market has been prepped up, store owners started putting their audio book displays on the regular bookshelves where everybody can see them rather than the isolated special corner for anything obscure as was audio books before.

Audio books come in several formats : compact discs, the old cassette tapes, and the audio book downloads which have many various forms like advanced audio coding or .aac, Windows Media Audio or .wma, and the regular downloadable audio digital system formats eg the extremely popular MP3 and lot more.

The web has spawned the popularity of audio book downloads and almost all titles of books available in the library and book shops can now be downloaded on the internet. These audio book downloads take the form of audio streams and they can excitingly take the form of dramatized versions as if you’re listening and watching a film version of the book complete along with a full cast, musical accompaniment, and full sound effects which make the entire audio book download practical.

These dramatized audio book downloads are called audio drama and online you will find a long listing of what you need and what you would be most likely interested in hearing. There are times even if the audio book download availability coincides with the launching of the particular revealed book so if you’re a large fan of a specific writer, you can watch out for any of his audio book download releases and be one of the firsts to listen to it play. You can hear it while in an airfield waiting for your next flight or at home while cooking dinner.

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