Aug 13th

Using Email To Build A Customer Base

The Importance of Using Email to Build a Customer Base

Emails are a way for you to stay connected to existing or potential customers. It is a way to launch a business, a new product, or to communicate with customers in an inexpensive, but valuable way.

Email or subscribers’ list are compiled in different ways. These lists can be obtained by way of website opt-ins, or they can be purchased from companies that specialize in obtaining leads or subscribers for businesses. Either way, in today’s world of Internet and Emails, these lists are a must have if you want to stay connected to or build your customer base.

The purpose in sending emails is to promote your company and your products, so it’s important that your emails are believable and trustworthy. If you are a new business, or launching a new product or product line, then you’ll want to have a sequence of emails for your marketing campaign. Each of these emails should tell a story and each email should reference the prior email sent.

You want your customers to believe in your company and in your products, so the message that you send has to have weight and value to it. The goal is to build longlasting relationships. To help build these relationships, the sender needs to tell, through testimonials, how the product worked for others.

  • The first email is an introduction. It tells a little bit about yourself, your company, the company’s history, and the products that you sell. You are telling a story and you are excited about it.
  • The second email covers how the product works and its usefulness, again by means of storytelling. You are as excited about your company and products as much as you want your customers to be.
  • The third email tells of your successes through customer testimony, and this should not be the end of the story because your story is never ending. You are always improving, strategizing, growing. You are engaged with your customers. You are the motivator behind the purchase.

This is your opportunity to create customer relationships.Let your customers know that you value them by offering a free product or bonus just for opting in or subscribing to future emails. Be sure to include a link to your website and a contact number in your emails. Many times potential customers will want to further investigate your company and products by visiting your website and once they get there will hopefully opt in.

Websites, Blogs, and Social Media

Successfully generating new leads through websites, blogs, and social media requires strategic planning. New leads will often opt in when offered a free product or a product at a reduced cost. If your website, like your emails, provides the visitor with a no strings attached freebee, chances are that they’ll opt in to your subscribers’ list.

Blogs are also an avenue for you to connect with customers or to capture leads. Relationships are built on providing useful and trustworthy information and blogs are one way to accomplish this. Other ways to capture customers is through social media or networking. Twitter and Facebook are two well known social media sites, but there are many new networking sites starting up daily.

Remember to include a contact form in your website and blog so that visitors can subscribe and receive the free products that were noted in your emails. Contact forms always have a required email submittal, and a place for a first and last name. However, requiring someone to complete the first and last name place results in fewer subscribers. Putting a name to the opt in form makes the initial connection easier for you, but most people prefer to wait for additional information before leaving their full names.
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