Oct 12th

Keeping Your Customers With Customer Support Software

Surely you’ve come across the CRM Oracle or Microsoft CRM software packages in recent years. Customer relationship management (CRM) software has made business news many times as a way to improve customer support and satisfaction.

With hefty price tags, many business leaders are wondering if they really need it at all. Many organizations choose to streamline their front end office processes and better manage customer relationships by choosing CRM software, which stands for customer relationship management.

Today’s consumer is more demanding: he or she wants greater personalization, customizable products and businesses who understand what the individual desires. The main use for CRM software is to organize all the data associated with a particular client.

customer service
A marketing team rep may run into a consumer while running a street promotion and handing out free products. To get the free giveaway, the consumer answers a series of five questions and fills in his contact information on a PDA.

This information gets sent into the CRM solutions database, where the sales team can then analyze the answers to determine which products or services would best suit this customer’s individual needs.

The answers would also be sent to the product development team so they can decide what features consumers like best or least to create a better experience. After the consumer purchases the product, he may call up customer support for tech help and the customer care staff will be able to pull up that person’s history, what he bought, when he bought it, where he bought it and whether he’s made any previous troubleshooting calls.

This saves time and aggravation for both the staff and the consumer, which in turn creates better customer satisfaction.

CRM systems
It’s not that we like to stereotype people, but classifying and categorizing people by characteristic, need or past actions makes our lives so much easier, particularly if we’re trying to sell something or predict behavior.

A program like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your business keep track of client interests, needs and patterns, which can then be used to enhance your marketing and product development departments. A CRM solution also helps you keep track of communication with potential clients.

If a customer has been speaking with you for several weeks, then suddenly stops communicating, it’s a good idea to follow-up to make sure your customer support is top-notch. So at a moment’s notice, tech support, marketing, sales and retail can all access the same information to improve customer fulfillment.

Whether you’re running a casino, a gadget manufacturing plant, a hotel, a retail outlet, a restaurant or a sports team, you’ll need to take customer support to the next level to appease today’s demanding consumer.

help desk
Buyers know that their dollars are coveted and that there are a number of companies to choose from. Consequently, they want to give their business to the company that understands their wants, needs and concerns best.

Free CRM features include: 128 bit SSL encryption, 10 MB of storage, hourly backed-up data with nightly off-site storage, contact and lead management, SFA, shared calendars, email, task tracking, call automation, document sharing, reporting and a customizable knowledge base.

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