Apr 17th

Who Uses Powered Access Equipment?

The short answer to this question is anyone, but let me elaborate. Let’s start by asking what is powered access equipment? Well these are aerial work platforms that give access to areas and spaces that would otherwise be unable to reach.

Powered access equipment can therefore be used by anyone who requires access to those awkward areas. Constructing, fitting, engineering, cleaning, a whole number of professionals use powered access equipment.

Due to the fact there is such a large variety of aerial work platforms to choose from, the list of people using them for their vertical needs is ever increasing. To showcase the endless list of jobs, lets use cherry pickers as an example .

Cherry pickers are used in the aforementioned professions in a whole number of settings. Look at engineers, they would need access to pylons and electricity poles to fix, repair or install various cables and wires.

Think about public services too, the fire service for example. They use aerial work platforms to rescue people from burning buildings – from they’re perspective such powered access equipment are life savers.

Any building that has a high ceiling such as supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses, leisure centres, and historic buildings will use these types of lift at some point for a whole host of different maintenance solutions – light replacements, air vent fixing, ceiling cleaning, the list is endless.

Local councils and authorities hire this type of equipment too. If they need access to fix street lights, get to the tops of buildings for maintenance reasons or even putting up the Christmas lights, then they’ll need a cherry picker or likewise to get the job done.

Even in the entertainment industry you’ll see powered access equipment being used. All types of events such as live sporting events and pop concerts hire aerial work platforms so they can get those vertical shots on camera, making the viewers experience all the more special. Pop artists even use lifts themselves as part of their act.

Now depending on the job in hand, you’ll need to choose a specific type of powered access equipment. For example, if you only need one or two operatives for the job in hand, a cherry picker would be the answer . If more men and heavy tools are needed for just vertical access then you should consider scissor lift hire.

However if you require a platform that moves horizontally as well as vertically, say for example if you’re working on the outside of buildings (tiling or guttering), then you would require the use of a boom lift. Not everyone will have a vertical job that has easy access. In this case if you need vertical access, but the terrain surrounding on the ground is uneven and potentially unsafe, then you’ll want a lift that can give you close access to your required vertical space whilst parking further away on the ground. Workers such as outdoor engineers or operatives working on construction sites may find themselves in this scenario – in which case the would want to hire telescopic booms. With so many examples given, you get a real sense of who uses powered access hire equipment. It really does beg the question, how did we ever do without them?

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