Feb 23rd

When Might You Need to Hire Powered Access Equipment?

For most businesses, powered access will either be needed in extremely rare instances or never at all. Scissor lifts, cherry pickers and boom lifts are specialist pieces of equipment, which are purpose built for working at height. So in what situations might you choose to hire one of these machines?

Scissor Lift Hire

The scissor lift is basically a huge platform mounted on a hydraulic lift. It is manoeuvred into position by a motorised base and then can only be raised or lowered to the required level – with all lateral movement controlled by the vehicle. These can often extend to 18 metres, giving excellent scope for working indoors or out. The large platform makes it ideal for carrying a number of operatives as well as the necessary tools for the job. Whether you’re working on a roof, or the exterior of an office building, the access that a scissor lift provides could prove vital.

Boom Lift Hire

As with any powered access vehicle, the boom lift is mounted on a motorised base. This allows it to be driven across any site to find the optimum position from which to work. Unlike a scissor lift though, a boom lift features a platform on the end of a versatile, extendible boom arm. This allows it to reach up to 18 metres horizontally and 43 metres vertically. The boom lift can really get you into some unlikely places that a scissor lift simply can’t get near. Therefore you can work in tight spaces or gain access to a roof area with consummate ease thanks to the overarching boom. Whilst the platform doesn’t quite have the same size, the real benefit is in the versatility and length of the arm.

Cherry Picker Hire

The smallest of the three powered access machines featured here, a cherry picker is a compact and versatile vertical platform. You can often get a little over 10 metres of reach on one of these, which isn’t the hugest distance, although more than enough for most indoor duties. You can also have an extended boom on some models, which gives you the reach to get above and beyond most conventional equipment. Whether you’re carrying out a job inside a depot or outside an office building, you’ll be able to use this versatile equipment.

Although it certainly doesn’t have the scope of a scissor lift, a cherry picker more than makes up for its diminutive size with easy operation, impressive flexibility and a compact design that makes it ideal for (comparatively) small spaces. You should bear in mind that a powered access licence will be required for operators of most pieces of equipment. Therefore if you’re looking at hiring a cherry picker, scissor or boom lift make sure that you have someone on site who is able to actually operate it. Whilst the company that provide the equipment should verify this, it is still important that you make sure that there is a trained member of staff on site before you even consider powered access as an option.

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