Feb 5th

What is the Most Popular Powered Access Equipment?

What is powered access equipment? Who uses powered access equipment? Powered Access Equipment are used for their service, stability and safety needs which gives buisnesses and companies vertical and horizontal access to any challenging space.

Powered access equipment hire is proving a popular solution for those tricky scenarios that could end up with both lengthy and costly scaffolding construction, or situations that would have a health and safety officer chomping at the bit! So this doesn’t happen, there’s an efficient, effective and safer solution, which is to hire powered access equipment.

Cherry picker hire is the most popular type of powered access equipment hire. Cherry pickers have gotten their name from …you guessed it… picking cherry’s and other orchards, giving access to the top of tall trees for fruit pickers. Using these inspired enginerring masterpieces doesn’t just stop there . Cherry pickers or as they are sometimes called, personnel lifts and aerial work platforms are designed to give access to all kinds of vertical challenges, however restricted the space is. For example, utility services that require access to pylons and poles use cherry pickers to make their work more reachable . Buildings with high ceilings such as warehouses, supermarkets, leisure centres use cherry picker hire companies as do councils when assembling your local high streets Christmas lights. Popular in the entertainments industry too; rigging for gigs and shows, and even Michael Jackson performed on one for one of his tours .

Whilst cherry pickers allow for one or two man operatives, there is also a variety of other powered access equipment for hire that allows larger loads, larger number of operatives, and gives access to the more challenging spaces. Scissor lift hire allows for larger loads and larger work platform. A typical use for this piece of machinery would be a more industrial setting, where there are heavy tools and workmen on board the platform . Boom lift hire gives you horizontal reach as well as a vertical elevation and could be used for when working horizontally on the outside of a building, for example when guttering. If you need vertical access but cant get near the job because of access issues on the ground, then a telescopic boom hire gives you the verticle reach you so desire. So, say if there are obstacles in the way on the terrain, then this piece of machinery gives you far greater reach. Genie lifts provide more stability and also can be mounted on a light trailer behind a motor vehicle . These are much more versatile and easily transportable to any job that has a vertical challenge.

So, the common and most household name of any powered access equipment hire is the cherry picker, but as I have pointed out there are many more powered access equipment for hire whatever your vertical and horizontal working needs.

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