Jun 18th

How LED Lighting Works : Technology Of LED Lighting In E-Handsome Advertising LED Light Box

At E-Handsome Advertising we offer an illumination sources for our Light Box that has advantages. LED lighting is increasing in acceptance due to its inherent energy conservation, lengthy lifespan and supportability whereas fluorescent lighting has a lower upfront investment and can often be used to build very large light box up to 36 feet in length.

LEDs, or LEDs, are a variety of semiconductor circuit that generates light when turned on. Red LEDs were used in the 60s and 70s for indicator lights and in private electronics like digital alarm clocks and calculators. The discovery of a blue LED in the 1990s by Japanese scientists was a serious breakthrough that permitted white LED lights to be made and adapted for use in main line lighting applications.

Over the past several decades, the price of LED elements dropped noticeably to where the price of LED lighting is approaching that of fluorescent lighting. The initial price of LE D technology is still more than fluorescent but LED lighting consumes far less power, up to 75% less, and can last up to five to ten times as long, considerations for overall ROI.

Other advantages for LED lighting include lower heat emissions than fluorescent and a much smaller size than fluorescent tubes, allowing light boxes to be as narrow as 7/8″ in depth. LED lighting needs a constant power source however since a tiny change in voltage can have a big effect on an LED circuit. Employing a steady power source will maximise the robustness of LED lighting.

We offer edgelit and backlit LED Light Box with frame options including snap front Value and Premium styles, a Frameless Fabric design, locking Hidden Hinge Light Box and Outclass or Light Boxes weatherproofed for exterior placement. Light Box are available for graphic sizes from as little as 7″‘ x 8″ up to 5′ x 10′ in our narrowest frame depth (less than 1″) up to a visually stunning 10′ x 18′ in a 3 7/8″ or 6 7/8″ frame depth. Light output options include standard LED lighting and high output LEDs for locations facing bright daylight like storefronts.

Request a quote for Light Box or any of our products in a working day. If you want to book an order or if you'd like to know more technology of LED lighting in E-Handsome Advertising Light Box please go visit our website and liaise us

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